Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

Tried everything. Like others say, there is no key. And yeah... It's weird. All I wanted was a cosmetic to cover up ugliness of my character ^^

already out of codes for both.
Cool, another Scam... nice...
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Someone know how tod elete the alienware account now ?
Better stick with Twitch..
Ragegamedude wrote:
Someone know how tod elete the alienware account now ?

I'd like them to delete my personal information completely.

Totally feels like scammed.
Very Badly/Deceitfully promoted, intended or otherwise.
Loss of respect however small over something like this......

Promo should have said something like:
Sign in on an alenware account for 4 days in a row for a hood.
If you already have an account at level 5 or close to it, you can also get a code for horns.

Universal Law - Balance
I was lucky enough that my old account from 2011 was very nearly level 5 already, and by fucking around on their forums I managed to nudge it there. I got my code, and according to the site there was around 6600 codes left.
thats so typical for GGG. they always do promos with idiotic sites and you have always problems on mass with this.

the better is to ignore all those scams and piss on those ugly mtx's.
mmmm yeah that was a lie..

create an account to get code

except that even that account needs to be lvl 5 to get the code...

what a scam

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