Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

Jesus, what a dumpster fire.


While I appreciate the efforts... come on... we all know you're better than this. <3

Excilecon Twitch Drops anyone? :D
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Reward is NOT given after registration but first when reaching lvl 5 !
created an account last night still no code...
Rynke wrote:
kinda sad that that Alienware doesn't provide the codes to your unlocked rewards, seems like Chris and Bex got conned by the guys at Alienware.

unlocked rewards, click for codes, no codes provided...

That's exactly what I think.

I'm seeing people with wall of supporter titles that some go back to closed beta packs saying things like "oh, if this is how ggg treats their users I'm not buying anything anymore", bitch you've been around for a decade if you still don't know what these people are all about you should withdraw all your money from the bank in the form of ONE DOLLARS, curl them each to cylinders and shove them up inside your rectum as far as your arms get in. How about that?
GGG, there are no codes after registering.
No code after reg.. This is so stupid..
Have tried with two different accounts now, no key anywhere, shit website by a shit company
I registered, got my code, redeemed it, the site said I was good to go. Log in, no rewards?

What's up with that?

IGN: NoahsArChen

"Oh awesome, this guy posted his current gear. Let me find him an upgrade!" ~Said no one ever.
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wow ggg got to level an alienware(aka dell) account to get free stuff from you???? wow beyond amazed at the new low. Never thought ya'll would sink this low.

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