Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

Few people got the horns and now they ran out of keys. Too bad you have to let them scam you out of your personal data to even realize it.

So dissapointing GGG.
Gotta love these shitty promotions on really poorly designed sites that don't deliver what they promise.

I hold you to a higher standard than this, GGG.
Lol. It says theres a limited amount of horns. So, I just registered (doesnt require that much intelligence. Clickingg the email to complete registration etc.) Guess what: No rewards in my rewards section. So reading about the limited amount of codes makes me think I registrered at Dell's portal and will get nothing for it? (if all the codes already been taken)

Can someone confirm this? If so, whoever thought up this campaign need to think again because I feel ripped off.
low blow bait, lvl 5 acc required
[Removed by Support] - don't mention the chinese ownership of this game!
You will receive a code automatically after your registration is complete and can find it in your Rewards Section

on site
Keys are only available for members that are Level 5+.

they are making idiots from us...
What did you expect from a company that outright protects scammers?

ggg promoting a scam and most of you fell for it.
Thanks for wasting my time
GGG please make it not for lvl 5 only! I have alienwarearena account more than 6 years and i'm lvl 3!
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Created account, and no code. Nice. Need be lvl 5 on this website. Soooo we give our personal data for free?

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