Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

GGG, couldn't you be any more UNCLEAR about this whole thing?? Jesus, seriously.. And the horns are just idiotic.. Helmet is ok, but I can't believe I went through so much crap registering for it.. Now I don't know what I have to do - just log in for five days?
The post should be updated to show that there are no more keys.
So you did mention it was a limited number of keys, that's really great, but there's no indication ANYWHERE as to how many are still left. And apparently there ARE more keys, since any number of them can still be redeemed, given that you have a level 5 crappy alienware account.

Screw you and your unapologetic cashgrab promotions, along with your empty promises.

People, this is NOT FREE STUFF. The company gets tons of money from Alienware to promote their absolutely useless website account progression system, without the common decency to generate enough keys to reward all those who do the steps required and populate the AW website.

GGG now you owe me/(us) a pair of Horns for wasting an hour of my gaming time, trying to figure out why I can't get'em like right now,after creating a new account on Alienware website.That's the price for the Horns.Simple.
WHY do I have to put up with this third party BS, adding more spam to my email account from this vendor? Bad business GGG. Right now thousands of players are cursing at you and Alienware, instead of playing the game.
no really, what is this lvl 5 shit? GGG, this was a HUGE fail on your end, can't believe you deliberately mislead us all --- GOOD LUCK with selling supporter packs now!
Bex_GGG wrote:
If you'd like to grab a pair of horns, just head to Alienware Arena here and create a new account. You will receive a code automatically after your registration is complete and can find it in your Rewards Section.

Thanks for jebaiting us. Like all other people said, you need level 5 whether you made new account or used existing one. Please fix it so we can get the key without leveling to 5, like you said.
lvl 5 :(
Click-bait and missing information. You have to be lvl 5 in alienware site. If you create a new fresh account you don't get anything. I have other giveaways for other games and this 'lvl requirement' wasn't there.
I was hoping GGG is better than that, but it seems like u are following activision blizzard standards more and more.
Lvl 5 is the new meme.. Step aside COVID!

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