Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

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This whole thing is so BS. The free codes ran out in a couple hours and now you have to be level 5 to get either of the rewards. And based on my experience, that is next to impossible in a few days.

I already had an account with like 19 points and now I am at 52 (25 of that is from the day 2 PoE reward login alone, but that is a one-time bonus). There's supposed to be a calendar for daily logins for 10 points each they but it only showed up yesterday for me and not today. The daily quests only give 5, so apart from that you'll have to hunt for likes like an instagram celeb.

Well good luck doing that because the "Let's upvote each other" threads are getting removed by admins and you are more likely to lose points than to gain them if you comment in those or upvote. You also need around 100 upvotes from the "Noob" ranks (I am not being condescending, it is actually called that) for 1 measly point.

Their whole system is a joke.
Stupid gimmicks are bad, and you should feel bad.
Hello, yesterday on 23th of March 2020, i tried to login on alienware arena to get the path of exile badge, but unfornatly it didnt work because the website was too slow, so i was unable to get it. Only today on 24th i was able to get it.

My question is, will i still be able to get the Arcane Helmet, or since i only got the badge today i wont?
Because its kinda unfair that i wasnt able to get it because alienware arena was too slow and unable to load the pages.

Thank you
made an account (is my first time) and no code appear, in "My rewards" section I have POE badge, click on it, nothing happens
what now?
Hello guys and GGG! There was limited number of keys, so i didn't receive mine aswell. It's bad. :(
If you did not get the code, here is Alienware Arena team motivation:


In order to get the code, you should have registered through the specific referral page shared in the POE news post. If you created an account directly on Alienware Arena you cannot get the code. However, these codes for new sign ups went extremely quickly and were gone about 10 hours after the promotion went live.

To receive all the rewards on the PoE promotional calendar you must login for 4 days straight. These rewards are accrued, so if you miss a day, unfortunately you will not be able to get the helmet.

There is still this giveaway live, so if you are Level 5+ you can get one here:

Thank you for contacting us,

Alienware Arena
no codes :(
The first people to grab them will be the ones who get them.

That's the last line of the post... You guys are really full of S***
HDTanel wrote:
Would be awesome if in the future collabs have specialized MTX.. Like for Alienware something like an ALIEN helmet.

Have you never seen the RAZER footprints? haha

edit: Just saw the posts above, I was just able to get one and 3000~ keys remaining. Must be restocking so keep checking.
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