Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

Shinobi478 wrote:
Limelols wrote:
ZinGrin wrote:
Redeemed the code for the helmet, but no helmet.
Did you actually redeem it, or simply check the key?

When it came to the horns, I made the mistake of just doing the first part which verifies the key, but didn't do the second part where you have to click an additional confirmation to redeem it. I got locked out of the key and had to contact Support.

But yeah, the helmet was instant for me.

I click redeem, but what do you think? Right! No helmet!
It's a bit of a mess, yeah. All the same, try contacting support with your account name (PoE Account) and key (for the helmet).

When it came to the horns, me and two friends who had to contact support did so with that info and got a reply within ~30 mins saying that they added it to our accounts.

Before you do so, check to see if the key is actually redeemed, even if you don't have the MTX yet. If you get an "Invalid" error, then you're in the same spot me and my friends were. That may have been the only reason they helped us, but an email never hurts regardless.
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I have my Arcane Helmet and I also had a traumaturgy box without spending pts lol. I have only 39 pts ATM I'll save them for the next free box :D

Thx to GGG and Alienware for this !
While that whole horn thing was a disaster the Arcane Helmet give-away worked like a charm. Thanks a lot for the Helmet mtx! One can never have enough options to cover up marauder faces. ^^
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And arcane helmet is already "all out :("...
llenara wrote:
And arcane helmet is already "all out :("...

Yeah, I was surprised there was even a limited amount, not even was mentioned in the post here.
llenara wrote:
And arcane helmet is already "all out :("...

Yeah, i thought we just have to claim it in 4th day. We won't be able to get it now?
Both out lol, thanks
"All out :("
What a mess

Damn, this is messed up. I'll never trust a giveaway from GGG ever again. What a waste of my time!!!

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