Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

LukeHimself wrote:
How can you "run out" of a digital product?
Because GGG gave Alienware an extremely limited number of keys. Alienware can't give out keys they don't have.

GGG could easily generate more, but it wasn't part of their deal.
i used my code this morning and i didn't got the helmet atm (1 30pm) is it normal ?
OMG, I created a new account, logged in to this horrible Alienware site every day, now GOT a message that "All out"???????

Are that scam???
baptiistes06 wrote:
i used my code this morning and i didn't got the helmet atm (1 30pm) is it normal ?
If you were one of the lucky few who got a key, contact support (email them) and tell them that you haven't gotten it in game yet. Be sure to provide your account name and key.
Sadly pretty scammy that "event". First it said that on registration you get the horns (which it didn't, you need to be Level 5 and no clue how to get there and now also don't want to do that) and on 4th day of loging in Helm keys are out.

"No fuss because it isall "free" stuff" you say, except it isn't since Alienware got data from us.

Love GGG and all, but sometimes this things should be worked out better to not create bad feeling for us fans.

Stay safe!

more than likely people just botted the crap out of the keys to resell them, alienware user portal looks very rudimentary, not even a captcha of any sort to prevent abuse.
Well, this was pretty frustrating.
No horns, no helmet. Nice prank :)
Thanks for GGG and Alienware to made this possible. We wont forget ;)
ggg must made a pronouncement about it
we have been scammed

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