Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

This was pretty bad. Alienware is overpriced junk I have zero interest in. The one and only reason they have my information is because of GGG and this promo.

Only 10k codes? What a joke.
There are two types of POE players:
1) Those who want to walk uphill both ways barefoot on broken glass wearing a blindfold
2) F*cking noobs

I identify as transnational Chinese. May I have access to their QOL features, please?
I normally don't post on forums but this was complete confusing for me to log in today after work and the whole 4 day rewards seem to be gone.

Seems like they under estimated the amount of people who would participate, PoE has been that game that just out grows it's legs over and over again. It's exploded and keeps going up and up. They need to realize that.

But also, at least say something on the initial post by GGG "There's only 10k codes! So be the first one!" I know they said limited for the horns but IDR anything about the helmet.

If GGG didn't include it because they forgot or something, alien ware should of most certainly be clearer with the limited amount of keys.

EVERYONE, would have much less of a rock to stand on if the alien ware day four had said the number of keys beneath it and have it count down each time one is rewarded to someone.

This may be completely wrong, but maybe the reason they gave such limited quantities of codes is because they can be flipped and sold to someone else for money. No company wants money to be lost that way. This distribution wasn't like twitchprime where it's linked to your account instantly. These were codes that could easily be tradable.. I think. IDK exactly how this works but I can see the reason to limit the codes in that sense.
the helm was says all out :(
Out of stock..... On a virtual item. Guess we ran out of ones and zeros...

GGG never fails to innovate... In all the wrong ways.
GGG makes it so the game feels like a job instead of a hobby so that it can profit from all the social training everyone gets to work harder and self-exploit. - I could use some like minded people in my guild. - I don't see reply notifications.
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Listen up guys and girls, this is how you fail a PR campaign. and leave a bad taste on your player base. Doing nothing is bad but scamming people is 10 times worse.
Would been lovely if there was a NOTE that there's a Limited quantity and it's a giveaway and not a reward , Total lie ....
"This was not an unlimited item. Even game economies have to be maintained with scarcity or it's not really an economy."

Possibly the stupidest response to anything I've read this week. Alienware clearly knows nothing about Poe's "economy" and how MTX's work if this is their justification. They just forced scarcity because they were lazy and greedy and just wanted clicks. And GGG allowed it. The biggest blunder in an already unforgivably bad league.
So i registered to a website with my personal data for absolutely nothing. Thanks GGG, for working together with a stupid company like alienware.
This promo was an absolutely joke!
Really disappointed my first forum post is about to be this.
I just spend 20 minutes searching for the page which i clicked 3 times to click the fourth to get the helmet. Because of ingame item i have looks so absolutely ridiculous i can't even look at my charcter now.

That's literally worse giveaway i ever witnessed in my long years of gaming. Wew.
I was a day off for the helmet haaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............tnx for wasting my time cant belive this crap.............

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