Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

What a shitshow. Please dont collab with dogshit alienscatware ever again.
Reach out and touch hate.
No arcane helmet, I got tricked by alienware of all things.
why ggg dont give the items to those who participated and couldn't get? its not complex
Only wanted the helmet. Don't care for anything else, including the horns. But no, right as 4th day ticked over, all of the helmets are out. Garbo league and garbo giveaway (waste a bunch of your time over multiple days too very cool).

Free game free giveaway no complaining right
GGG, why did the company you partner with make it limited to a certain amount of users?
What a disappointment. Thanks for nothing.
ez scam
it's only clickbait
What a fiasco and I only registered there to get the item and now that it's impossible to get the item... I can't delete my account. Never again will I register with a "partner" for an item... and I'm a little pissed at GGG for opening such a scam.
Nowhere on here or on Alienware's site did it ever say that the items were limited in quantity. Saying that we just needed to log on to the site for 4 days was, in effect, a lie. At the very least a deception.

I'm not sure on which side the blame should be for disclosure of the limits, but going into it I knew Alienware had a history of pulling crap on the last day and not giving out the reward everyone was there for. I expected something to go sideways from the start, so I'm not shocked.

I am disappointed in GGG for being part of the deception, though.
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