Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

Still no reaction. It feels GGG's approach to the community and how the game plays for a player has massively changed this league.
what a shame more than 5 days logging and nothing I interact with the website, I did daily mission, xp booster and nothing. to do this better dont do nothing the website doesn't work properly nor show the codes in a good way, how i Keep logged and the tab open didn't catch I was logging again or what? meh, truly outrageous and shame on all of you, not explaining properly the process to get the reward, associating with this website with overpriced shitty computers.

I did expect better from you I can see, now, I was wrong.

Didn't you learn nothing from the failure of exilecon rewards?
GGG, don't you have something like community managers? Why are you guys not reacting.
Not only the horns where a scam, but also the 4 days login helmet.

Actually I'm not only mad about Alienware, but even more about GGG - you guys tricked us in there, not mentioning the limited amount of codes. Stil advertising it, when codes are all gone. (so literally 1h after start of the event)

If you guys have commnuity managers, THIS is the time you guys show up.
(actually the time to show up and make a statement was a few days ago ;-)

If you guys ever want to earn some extra money with giving out some diigital codes, that cost you nothing, make sure you give out enough of these codes and don't fool your community.
We are the guys paying your bills!
pls ggg i loot of ppl wanted that helmet , why no help you comunity...

More keys ...
thanks I hate it
wow.... this sucks. I definitley feel duped into giving alienware my information. Nowhere in the promotion did it say “limited amount”.

very dissapoonted at the dishonesty, I could care less about the horns and helm. This will unfortunetly make me think twice about supporting the game with $$ for micro transactions in the future. An apology would honestly mend the situation for me. I feel tricked.
still no comment GGG?

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