Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

Use a temporary email from a random site, register, copy-paste code, redeem. The 2nd MTX you should just skip.
I need to be level 5 on an alienware forum for this reward rip

I think their products are fine but thats a bit of a downer

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Only for people on 5lvl on alienarena ? srsly?!
There were only a limited amount of keys available, and they ran out very very quickly.

If you were of level 5 or above, you could see the available keys through the giveaway.
How the fuck do you even level an Alienware Arena account? Good lord
gimme money bitch
HDTanel wrote:
Would be awesome if in the future collabs have specialized MTX.. Like for Alienware something like an ALIEN helmet.

They did that a long time ago for Razer (Razer footprints). Would indeed be nice to see something like that again.
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i can't be the only one that thinks this sell out is pointless . Aren't you guys already rolling in scrooge mcduck amount of money already ?
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iqbaalmuhmd wrote:
Thank you for this, already got the horn, so anyone know how to get the helmet? Cant find any info on the alienware website

Looking for that aswell

Ty horns are sick btw
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