Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

As mush as i m a sucker for free stuff and horn's ill pass. there is a limited amount of items.But not only that but for the helmet you need rank 5 and there is only 4 days for it so you can't miss a day.
I also dont even use alienware. i dont even know what im subscribing to please give a explanation since im not going to do research on creating account for something I have no interest in.
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Redeemed but no reward. :(

Hopefully it's just a delay...
I just made NEW account in alienware website.
And they said "Only level 5+ users can get key" lol
Worked like a charm. Just had to register.
That lv5 thing is for already registered users
I already had an account, which appears to be level 4. I have no idea how to level up to 5, so I cannot redeem anything. The post seems to imply that newly created accounts can instantly redeem the horns.
Also I don't see any info on the Alienware site about the hood.
Thanks GGG <3
uhmm.. It says helmet + horns. I just got the horns. where do I get the helmet?

edit: nvm. you recieve the helmet on the 4th day :D

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To clarify this, you need to create an account using the promotional link provided in the original post. If you create an account through alienwarearena's main page, you won't get your horns. I made that mistake and had to create a throwaway e-mail in order to make another account.
Vyreck wrote:
Redeemed but no reward. :(

Hopefully it's just a delay...

Same here. I had a delay of a couple days with the last twitch promo as well.
level 5 account, well that freaking sucks since they just locked me out of my account for getting my pass wrong only two times like forgive me I don't recall a password to site I last used for a promotion years ago.

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