Get Your Free Arcane Helmet and Arcane Horns with Alienware!

There is no delete account option after receiving code meh ...
Anyone get "sorry we are not able to accept your registration at this time"?
Already have an account from couple years back and i'm lvl 2... seems like people with accounts already get shafted huh. :(
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Reached lvl3 within 5 years on that site. Don't think you can level up to 5 within a few days.

Just create a new account.

And for the hood you have to log in 4 days in a row to get it.
Had a terrible experience trying to log in, wierd password system, just to realize my Alienware Arena account is from 2011 and still level 1.

Then I look at what I have to do to get LVL 5 and...

Yeah, not getting this MTX "for free" farming points on that side, rather just play the game.

(Also don't want to "cheat" creating a new account with another email, don't really think that's right.)
Guys, just make a new Gmail account, register EXCLUSIVELY using the registration link in this post, get the code, forget about that email, easy

I even tried using that website, it's pure trash.
Sorry, we are not able to accept your registration at this time.
Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?
Guess they are out of MTX, since you can't register with the link provided.

Already have an account from 2016 and it's level 1, so not gonna bother lul
Annoying process of making a new account because it seems they would rather pad their user base or something than just give it to existing accounts, not sure why else they would run a promotion like this.

Now to remember to log in every day for 4 days...
I seem to have entered the code properly for horns after registration but didn't get it in game even after restarting? uh? hello? lol

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