[PS4] 3.10.0e Patch Notes

BC_BMX wrote:
They said in game that it would be a three hour down time.

Not in my client. It said 10 minutes in mine.
"PS4 servers are restarting now. They should be back up in approximately 10 minutes."

Longest 10 minutes ever
I'm downloading the patch now
Im playing right now.
I'm downloading the patch now

Really? I don't see any...
Just finished downloading the patch. Logging on now. Thx GGG.
GGG you need to go back to elementary school and learn to tell time

Guild and chat coming in “ a few weeks” that was 3 years ago and multiple times last year - week before ps4 release. Weeks after you said it again. Said again in dev QnA in May. Then again at end of last year in a few weeks once we fix item linking. Are you just that totally dense and got no sense of time ? Get your shit together

10 minutes ?? Been about 40 minutes now. It’s a shame y’all are so horrible at numbers and basic life functions. Now I know why your coding is absolute trash
Still missing the bought mtx Orion pack
It's up now you goddamn cry babies
Just got it.

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