GGG Development Team on Lockdown

Stay safe and keep up the good work!
Tala Moana GGG, we thank you for your dedication, I believe the community would agree, we would much rather have difficulties now or even a complete shutdown in the short term than to lose a member of the team.
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DS_Deadman wrote:
Ashriel wrote:
I work in IT and helped my company "transition" to voice, video, and WFH just fine in 2 days. Figures you would make this announcement and use the virus as an issue to delay your already-behind work and hide behind it as a convenient excuse to not meet any future projected deadlines. That is literally exactly what I've been expecting to hear from this announcement board. Remember when 4.0 was set for August? And then it became December? And then December became beta? And then Exilecon happened....

You guys are so bad at prioritizing your time, I bet 4.0 gets delayed to 2022 due to these 4 weeks. Way to take advantage of a crisis though.

If you were any good at your job, you would realize every environment is different and has different requirements.

As for GGG, they are doing what every other company in the world is doing around the world and that is letting their customers know wtf is going on. However you don't get that because you think you are special. Get over yourself, you have not clue wtf you are talking about.

I never said anything about not realizing environments are different, but you didn't notice that I noticed a very obvious trend with the way this studio is run. I'm over myself, are you over you? From garage to Tencent, GGG has sold out twice: consoles, and China. China is why the world is in this mess right now. I and my company are doing fine.
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Can't be helped, we do have a bloody pandemic on our hands.
stay safe
Best of luck!
Ya'll be safe
I love you guys. Keep up the great attitude. Miss the haters and catch the fans. We will be with you in the long run. 10,000 hrs and counting.
Best of luck, the team health always come first, it is really appreciated that this updates go out so we can know what is going on.

Stay safe Exiles

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