GGG Development Team on Lockdown

Ashriel wrote:
DS_Deadman wrote:
Ashriel wrote:
I work in IT and helped my company "transition" to voice, video, and WFH just fine in 2 days. Figures you would make this announcement and use the virus as an issue to delay your already-behind work and hide behind it as a convenient excuse to not meet any future projected deadlines. That is literally exactly what I've been expecting to hear from this announcement board. Remember when 4.0 was set for August? And then it became December? And then December became beta? And then Exilecon happened....

You guys are so bad at prioritizing your time, I bet 4.0 gets delayed to 2022 due to these 4 weeks. Way to take advantage of a crisis though.

If you were any good at your job, you would realize every environment is different and has different requirements.

As for GGG, they are doing what every other company in the world is doing around the world and that is letting their customers know wtf is going on. However you don't get that because you think you are special. Get over yourself, you have not clue wtf you are talking about.

I never said anything about not realizing environments are different, but you didn't notice that I noticed a very obvious trend with the way this studio is run. I'm over myself, are you over you? From garage to Tencent, GGG has sold out twice: consoles, and China. China is why the world is in this mess right now. I and my company are doing fine.

Then quit your whining about something you don't have a clue about. These guys are having to deal with issues just like everyone else.
A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
Hey, keep up the good work.

And of course, stay safe!
Stay safe GGG and good luck to everyone of you.
I'm already glad the servers are able to stay up even in times like these. Best of luck working through these setbacks and most importantly, stay healthy!
Thank you GGG for all you do.

It is amazing that you are still potentially on track for next league even given the situation!

I really wish your whole team are healthy and get through this ok, you are my favourite company.

I can't say the same for the community but I am always happy to wait for the amazing content you always come out with. Really enjoying this league.
I still think it's absolutely wild that suddenly the whole world is dreadfully concerned about the common cold, and that governments would create fraudulent death counts to support their absolutely ludicrous claims.
Even so, that's exactly what is happening.
Take care of yourselves, kings.
Stay safe!
Stay safe everyone.
Right on Chris, you do what needs to be done. You've got my patronage until carpal tunnel causes the doctors to come and pry the mouse out of my cold dead hands.

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