GGG Development Team on Lockdown

Stay safe peeps.
Glad you guys are taking care of yourselves. Stay safe GGG!
Completely understandable. Stay safe, everyone!
Oh well.
Stay safe and good luck GGG.

its probly the hardest of all times.
We are also working on the 3.11.0 release

please no. take this golden opportunity to fix more bugs in the just released league before moving on.

thx for your work and stay healthy!
I've always really liked how transparent GGG has always been.
Thanks for the amazing game.
Now I feel compelled to thank the team of developers and owners of Path of Exile. Today in Italy we are living closed in the home with the whole family for reasons of global health emergency, and POE is a remedy that helps us to vent anger and frustration for everything that is happening in the world. I pray to God every day for people who are sick. Good luck to all
sorry for the english, but i tried to do my best
@GGG Did you make the Delirium spread all around the world so we can stay home and play PoE more? Is this a marketing trick?
No cooooofin!
Remote work from home is working fine at the development company I work for. What we do to minimize internet traffic consumption is that we connect to remote desktops located inside the company and work with that remote desktop.

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