GGG Development Team on Lockdown

I'm glad to see you are not in trouble, take care of your team, and of yourself. PoE 2 can wait, your lives matters more. thank you for your works and you kind work, PoE is a window to mental safety into this lockdown here in France, some of Us owe you a lot. thank you for all of this. Stay safe, and take care

RosenRoad wrote:
I still think it's absolutely wild that suddenly the whole world is dreadfully concerned about the common cold, and that governments would create fraudulent death counts to support their absolutely ludicrous claims.
Even so, that's exactly what is happening.

it's not. it's real. and it's affecting healthy young people too. if the virus hits you hard and you get no slot at the breathing machine, you're dead.

those fatality reports didn't come from a government, they're from a university 30 miles away from my home.

the problem isn't really the virus, it's the disastrous state of the health systems all around the world when it comes to dealing with pandemic outbreaks.

we're just not prepared for something like this happening on this scale.

esecially new zealand isn't. they were one of the first countries jumping on the neoliberal train of austerity and are still running a reduced version of the already defunct and underfunded british nhs system.

it's not in the slightest able to deal with thousands of infections.
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
We understand your situation as we are all experiencing the same. Even if there are some delays, we won't hate you. Stay safe everyone.
''Thanks for the work''. Thanks for the shity work, like every fucking time, every fucking start league, ty for ur lame creativity and lamer coding.
take care
The health and safety of you and your staff of course is the upmost priority.
Thank you to all staff working from home, helping to keep us entertained in these crazy times.
Merry Pandemic
I really hope covid-19 does not spread there as it's doing in my city. Be safe guys and thanks for the support.
please fix alienware promo scam, did not get horns

You fucked up, I got it immediatelly
Stay safe
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*

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