GGG Development Team on Lockdown

we're all in this together!
6 challenges...weak! LOL.... jk...stay healthy
Stay safe everyone and thank you for the hard work!
Stay safe and well, everyone--thanks for your hard work and dedication to this game and the gamer's experience!
Stay safe guys, thank you for all the hard work you do.
Thank you! for your time "We plan to post another update about these improvements in the next couple of days" more couple days in disconnects in main menu.
I was wondering when this was going to happen. Thanks for the update and stay safe.
Tough time for everyone. Take care all.
IGN: JerleVDSlinger
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Kia Kaha GGG, NZ and the rest of the world!

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