GGG Development Team on Lockdown

Stay safe!

What we've noticed in our company is that communication is actually better. People make themselves more readily available for meetings on teams and stuff. It's actually been an improvement on the communication front for us at least. But we are a large company with no inter-departmental open spaces.
Stay safe GGG team. We appreciate all you do! In the meantime let me try and get this elementalist golemancer to end game.
Stay safe everyone. Thank you to GGG for providing another way to deal with the current situation. Level those characters and keep healthy!

Thank you all!
stay safe everyone
IGN: eLguL
Stay safe, exiles!! Stupid corona beast will be defeated!!!
I dont believe that anybody will mind getting PoE 2 a couple of weeks later as long as you guys stay safe. Keep doing the amazing things you always have and even more importantly keep healthy.
It is so much better to slow down work for a bit then having to shut down development as a whole because people actually ended up catching the Virus.
Much Love from Germany!
Thanks from Germany, Amazing Job <3
Simply the best :)

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Thank you for the informations. Doesn't matter what problems with the game may occur. I'm sure that everyone agrees that nothing is more important than the health of every single one of you.
Best wishes!
take care of yourself ggg, game isnt as important as your lifes and fimilies

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