GGG Development Team on Lockdown

Good work GGG. Thanks for keeping the game healthy in these trying times.
Good and healthy vibes to all of GGG.
I hope the next league is more polished now that you might be forced to work a longer time on it.
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please, please please fix Alienware promo scam/fault, did not get horns or reward for horns is disappearing ones is come up on the page.
Best wishes and stay healthy to all at GGG, and the community / players of this world we call POE

Hoping the world realise that working together is better than the individual gains 1 person can get at the expense of others

Stay safe all GGG <3
And all Exiles


Force à tou-te-s.

Be careful, it took only 10 days of lockdown for Einhar to start writing poems about slaughtered beasts...
It is good to see that you are taking care of each other. Yes, work-from-home is a challenge, but also an opportunity to see how to improve things .. in planning, communication, and execution of tasks. I am sure there are lessons you can learn, and put into place to help your company in the future releases and support of POE.
Thank you for even still working on the issues and developments at a time like this. Stay safe.
dattemayo wrote:

You guys are and continue to be the icon of progressive, flexible, and enduring team player developers. Im sure I can use more adjectives to describe the coolness.

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