GGG Development Team on Lockdown

Stay safe all guys !
We all are together on this!

Be well and stay safe @GGG, hope we get the same news here from our PM.
~ Do not expect to be taken seriously if you hide behind a private profile or an alt account.
~ A major part of 鬼殺し leaving was something 鬼殺し said about Kopogero that, whilst truthful, scored 鬼殺し a 2 month probation. So please, stop with the fucking conspiracy theories. 鬼殺し is gone.
Stay Safe. God Bless Wraeclast!
Stay safe. <3
don't you have a discord server?

Stay safe! Greeting from Spain. Together we can stop this.
Stay safe!
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Thanks, man. I hope you guys are alright and you can one-shot corona-chan the way you one-shot us with boss skills :3
Stay safe ya'll!
Take care of yourselves, folks. Great league so far.

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