GGG Development Team on Lockdown

good luck and stay safe \o/
Please just don't release a 3.11 on schedule...

So many players are constantly complaining that GGG needs to slow its dev cycle and focus on QoL, bugs, and performance. This is the perfect time to do that.

Just make some super easy filler league like "Definitely not Legacy League" where scarabs drop all over the place, you are guaranteed to get a master mission when you complete a map, every Zana map mod that has existed is available at no cost, and talismans are fully functional again. That way, players get to interact with all the previous league content easily instead of some new league with a new mechanic.

PoE needs a catch up league so very badly and this league is a clear indication as to why.
Stay safe guys, that's the most important concern right now ;)
Wish you all the best luck.
I work in IT and helped my company "transition" to voice, video, and WFH just fine in 2 days. Figures you would make this announcement and use the virus as an issue to delay your already-behind work and hide behind it as a convenient excuse to not meet any future projected deadlines. That is literally exactly what I've been expecting to hear from this announcement board. Remember when 4.0 was set for August? And then it became December? And then December became beta? And then Exilecon happened....

You guys are so bad at prioritizing your time, I bet 4.0 gets delayed to 2022 due to these 4 weeks. Way to take advantage of a crisis though.
No fun allowed.™
Why not RDP into work computers? Then the builds don't need to move to local host machines.
Stay healthy!
Stay safe!

Delirium has been amazing-- thank you <3
Stay safe and thank you for everything :)
Since you are already at 2Gbps you can potentially go up to 10Gbps with your carrier there without any downtime to your service. You should ask about an inline upgrade to your speed during this trying time. (even temporary) We are doing it for customers all over the place in the US. Stay safe out there. =]

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