Get Your Free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box!

Thank you guys really appreciate
So either this hasn't become claimable on xbox or I have an issue. I followed the directions but I never recieved it.
Aww thank you! UwU
Thanks GGG!
May the light of Innocence bless you.
MolonLabe85 wrote:
Evening all, The gesture is extremely kind. I am new to PoE only played for one season so far. I have opened shop in game but the mystery box is saying I need 30 coins to acquire. Am I doing something wrong?
You may be looking at the purchasable one in the store. Close it and open your Microtransactions tab, N key, and it should be in the Consumable section.
GGG trying to win me over by throwing gifts at me... dammit it's working!
ty GGG
Whoot Thanks ggg
thank you be safe everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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