Get Your Free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box!

Fanks :D
Everything was going great until I will killed by a curtain.
Very nice of you, thank you!

Hope none of you get sick, and everything goes back to normal soon.
Thank you so much! But where do I get the box? I logged in, opened the in-game shop and then what?

PS: Never purchased anything in the in-game shop I don't know where it goes.
Very nice. Thanks for the freebie GGG! Stay safe, and hopefully this will pass sooner rather than later.
Thanks you GGG! And I just got my third Labrador pet from the case... yet I'm more of a cat person
Neat, i got a vomit to put in my hideout, just what id always wanted, thank you.
hey i am on the game now. where exactly do i go to get the item, as i cant seem to find it inside the store...
Thanks!! i really liked the gift!

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