Looking for ALT ART (s) for personal collection (Have over a mirror to spend)

I'm looking for some mid tier alt arts for my personal collection, if you've got any for sale you can pm me @scarybleedman ingame, and if I'm not online, post your alt art in this thread, or just throw me a pm me here on the forums and I'll respond when I'm avalible :)

I have a mirror and a couple hundred exalts. I also have some items that I am willing to trade for alt arts, you can see these at the bottom of the thread:)

I'm not currently looking for duplicates or alt arts with CIS tags!

Alt arts I currently own:

Items I have for sale, that I can trade for alt arts (prices arent correct):
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Remade my other thread:)

Added a new alt art:)

Added two new alt arts :D
nice! ;)

Sent pm:)

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