3.10.1 Patch Notes Preview

Nice work GGG!
"You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device."

Nice! Keep up the great work amd stay healthy :)
Menysk wrote:
Mentoya wrote:
The only people do blame regarding the habour bridge nerf is the fucking people that post about it all over the forum. It's like an open invitation to GGG to nerf it....As soon as I see people talking about it, I'm like, what the fuck is the matter with you people? Now they ARE going to nerf it, because they know about it..... Why can't people just keep shit like that to themselves, that's what I always do...

Like many others here, I'm done with the league. I'm not at maps yet as I just started the league, but because of hearing about how map rewards aren't any good because they stop at 4/2 due to a bug, kills my motivation and tells me that there's no point in continuing on...

Luckily there are lots of other games on Steam to keep me company.

GGG caught us having Fun on Harbour Bridge. And we can't allow that.
Fun Bad.

Harbour was the fuel for non-meta characters to reach end-game, this change sucks donkey balls...
Yuuuge patch.
Good Stuff but i am experiencing a problem where there are no del encounters in any are I enter..
The "No Witnesses" notable doesn't seem to work when my totems kill while it isn't worded in a way where it's clear that I have to do the killing.

10% chance to gain Elusive on Kill
25% increased Elusive Effect

I think it should work with totems too.
New visual effects are needed because of extremely fast paced gameplay. You rush trough content, everything is simplified, flattened, react to visual effects, its an arcade game. And then you backtrack...
ign: Borlis
Any update on why masters are not spawning naturally for some people? is this an intended change or not?
You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device.

thanks <3
Stay awhile... and listen.
Now I know why I was a little dissapointed with the Ashcaller wand for leveling... ("triggered Raging Spirits to not attack monsters")

And this one confused the hell out of me:
"Pier Map boss to become untargetable"

But it's mostly funny and entertaining to discover bugs, ..if I don't die in the process.

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