3.10.1 Patch Notes Preview

Mentoya wrote:
The only people do blame regarding the habour bridge nerf is the fucking people that post about it all over the forum. It's like an open invitation to GGG to nerf it....As soon as I see people talking about it, I'm like, what the fuck is the matter with you people? Now they ARE going to nerf it, because they know about it..... Why can't people just keep shit like that to themselves, that's what I always do...

Like many others here, I'm done with the league. I'm not at maps yet as I just started the league, but because of hearing about how map rewards aren't any good because they stop at 4/2 due to a bug, kills my motivation and tells me that there's no point in continuing on...

Luckily there are lots of other games on Steam to keep me company.

GGG caught us having Fun on Harbour Bridge. And we can't allow that.
Fun Bad.
where is the blight crash FIX when putting two towers on queue? OMG
Did I miss it.....really not a single thing about a HOA fix, it was working fine before the last patch, you broke it, and now you are not fixing it?
Impressive list of fixes tho!

4/2 maps delerium reward cap fix when?
You know why we are playing in A8 right?

If you take it from us.. we have to go from game.
You guys are amazing.
We in Auckland are all going on Alert 4 Shut down and you guys are still pumping out great content.
Thanks for all your hard work.
Stay safe and god bless you all.
What about the lag spikes and the high ping on the servers? this league in unplayable
Encountering constant crashes randomly with this new patch.


"You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device."

I thought this was fake news but its real!


Can you also allow us to choose which 6 portals we'd like to Proc when opening a map? :D Thanks GGG!
League CARRY Thread:
"We nerf harbour bridge so u can get max 4/2 on maps, maybe 5/3/1
if u juice it well."

Way to go GGG haha

I take boss kills for challenge if possible or just skip whole thing. Getting 4/2 for taking risk of dying for some nonsense afterblast is not worth of it. They should have boosted map rewards too, seems ppl had too much fun.
What's the Bladestorm Performance improvement mean?

Also, how about a damned microtransaction for Bladestorm... even one?!

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