3.10.1 Patch Notes Preview

"Further nerfed rewards for regular players thanks to the streamers who expolit them to print mirrors"

makes sense
You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device.

Game fixed.
I don't think nerfing the Harbour Bridge was the best solution.. You guys should buff the MAP drops instead, incentive players to go on maps and not farm on old content.. In Harbour Bridge you could get 8 rewards minimum on the first one, clearing the whole map without Alva. In a map you can fill up the first reward to about 4 or 5. t15/t16 map.. How is that going to make me want to run a ton of maps over and over if the reward is 3x worse? Makes no sense.. You guys buffed the reward system in a wrong way. But hey, lets see what happens after the changes now..
Yo everyone complaining about Harbour Bridge. That's NEVER EVER their intention in every league. Farming instances is always nerfed every league when people try to do it. Forget about it. You had your fun... Try to play the game like a normal person now.
i don't know what did your GGG's dev fix... yesterday i still played smooth...
today Poe alway make my Pc 100% CPU + freeze.
Blight Lg i still play smooth in T16 blight map. but this... your game are destroying my Pc...
my Pc i5 + 1050Ti
what the fuck? you already nerfed delirium into the ground, the challenge was enjoyable... what was not is the fucking timer everyone has been asking you to remove since league dropped. being rushed is no fun, being robbed of loot because the fog vanished less than a second before the boss dropped is no fun... we play this game for fun.

who are these changes for? chinese farmers? the super casual still playing diablo? because it sure as hell isnt for poe fans.

give your collective head a shake.
RIP Harbour Bridge- 2018, 2020
Those Esh spectres weren't even that crazy. Not sure why you guys would gut them immediately after someone made a video. That's definitely one way to encourage no one share any information, lol. If I find any more good spectres I'm most certainly not saying a damn word.
Last edited by BrownTown86 on Mar 24, 2020, 11:53:36 PM
Now if only the ever expanding amounts of performance issues could start to get solved....Love the game laggy servers and shoddy performance are getting tedious.

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