Heartseeker Weapon, Portal and Character Effect

oh god that character effect is disgusting, i need it
Le Toucan Will Return
dachoppa wrote:
rofl the character effect... looks good in the thumbnail, but super ridiculous in the video.

ye idd it does...
That portal is disgusting!

I love it!
Portal design is great but I prefer the portals with an activation area closest to the size of the portal itself. The character effect is definitely low tier though and same with the weapon effects. Should've went with something that had veins wrapped around it with neon blue and red blood pumping through it for the weapon effect ;) We got more than enough red stuff available anyways. When you gonna put crafting table and more map devices in the MTX store? Or even custom stash boxes? You're sitting on an actual goldmine and it's being squandered..
If they release such mtx, they surely have not a slightest idea about visual effects and what players need.

No more pls stop.. I dont even use footprints anymore. I just want to see my character, not blobs of effects on top of each other.
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...
That portal is nasty one, i love that.
d'awww and it's not even valentine's day
more interested in the music in that char effect vid....
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Ah, this portal will make a fine addition to my collection.

The random portal setting is so good for this.

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