[HSC] Beast's PoE Lab Enchanting Service

Solid enchant service, no issues with trust or punctuality
Used the Lab Service today.

Headhunter - Arcane Surge AoE

Gloves - Commandment of Light

Boots - 10% Ele Pen

I think it took 1 hour and all 3 Items were done.

Holy :D

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Great service! would use again.

Got my boots enchant very fast, recommend
Great lab service, only took an hour to hit the enchant.
Will be using again.

+1 Fast Service

First run and got my desired enchant within 5 mins.
Fast and reliable :)

Fast service
will use it again
crafted cannot be frozen in my boots~
no hiccups~smooth and fast
Complexity is made up of 69 to 77 simple things, if you miss 1 simple thing then you make things more complicated than it already is and what makes it more complex is, it's not in every situation :)

Fast, easy, and trustworthy.

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