[3.11] Spellslinger VD Necromancer. All content. Easy and fast Sirus A8 kill. Wave 20 Simulacrum.

why i cant cant nothing in sirus? T-T
https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/brunogoru its my profile
how important is the accuracy rating?
edit : Wrong ascendancy
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Hey, why 2x desecrate, the spell cascade on lvl 2 and im having rn lvl 92 what should I spend my points on?
Schnubbel_ wrote:
jbabel1012 wrote:
I was really interested in this build but had a couple questions.
1. What is the actual play-ie what skills/buttons are you pressing? For example in the videos it looks like he is just spamming one of the spellslinger buttons (presumably VD). What about barrage or frenzy? Are those just for bosses or once to proc something?

2. Do all the spellslinger skills trigger when you use one? If not then are you ever manually casting this abilities?

3. Do you ever cast wave of conviction or does it auto trigger with reckoning from our shield?

As you can see most of my questions center around how to physically play the build. Thanks for the help.

hey. u just use frenzy. the rest is completely automated. remember to use barrrage support gem not the skill gem.
and then depending on the situation u press molten shell/vaal molten shell. all other skills are procced by spellslinger (u dont press spellslinger button u just activate it once like an aura) and trigger crafted wand. hope this helps

the wave of conviction is also linked to spellslinger so it proccs automatically as well.
spellslinger is not a skill use like an attack, its like an aura that triggers all linked spells when u use frenzy as wand attack

thanks for the reply. so do you actually cast frenzy or just use the default attack?
his spell cascade is a awakened one the experience to level that is crazy high. So he still leveling that right now.

Follow his level 100 POB
killed awakened level 5 sirus today :) great shit. its my first time taking the big bitch down !!! The only boss I have major issues on still is koasis the delerium boss. He just fucks my face with his big delerium cock.

Any other boss just falls. I've invested a bit of EX into this build I'd guess at least <25 or so, but it isn't that much considering I can face tank almost anything in the game, and still output tons of damage! I highly recommend this build to anyone, you don't even have to invest much to do <t15 maps !

One question though and I asked this before but OP have you noticed any major improvements with awakened spell cascade? Considering picking these up.
im a scrub but why do you use hypothermia with elemental focus when it stops ailments?
Hey, I still only do like half the damage your character does but I'm not noticing much significant difference comparing your char to mine in pob. Am I missing something silly somewhere?
rossmat707 wrote:
im a scrub but why do you use hypothermia with elemental focus when it stops ailments?

See Ascendancy Corpse pact.
Elemental focus proceed only with VD. If you want can also use Inspiration instead of Elemental Focus.

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