[3.11] Spellslinger VD Necromancer. All content. Easy and fast Sirus A8 kill. Wave 20 Simulacrum.

Is this even playable anymore. Not gonna use it for league but I was gonna keep it for Standard as I enjoyed it a lot.
Why would not be playable anymore? In the balance manifesto only offering nerfed and spellslinger at lower levels have longer cooldown.

I dont think so those two changes gonna destroy build unless something else is changed.
3.12 UPDATE: Build got hard nerfed in almost every possible way. Divine flesh, Glancing blows, offering, spellslinger itself. My suggestion is to play a different build, levelling is especially harder now with the reservation increases.
I still think the build will be really good. This has been the best build I've ever played hands down. I was able to beat T8 Sirus and actually farm the Hall of Grandmasters. I'm going to stick it out and see how it performs after the new patch. #neverGiveUp
Anyone have any idea how well this still do after the recent balance notes?
I've been playing on Standard without Glancing Blows and utilizing a shield with max chaos resist as well as the Born of Chaos cluster jewel to simulate what the new patch will be like, and so far I've been able to beat T8 Sirus and the Hall of Gmasters just fine. Obviously I can't account for the Bone Offering nerf, but I really do think the build will be OK. It may be a little rough in the leveling at first due to the increased mana reservation, but I think it will still be a very high-end build when you get into mapping especially.
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I think the biggest problem is mana reservation up to 25% now.

So 6L SS-VD-DD-cascade-inspiration-ele focus cost ~ 88.75% mana
with 14% less mana reserved nodes.

Desecrate cost about 31.25%.

Sums up to 120% mana reserved.
6L SS-VD-DD-blockChanceReduction-spellCascade-inspiration

Could this work?

Maybe 5l instead of 6l? It is still very dope on 5l
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And what about droping DD or VD to keep juste one main spell and 5 supports gems ? Still pretty good no ?
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