Delirium: Creating the Strange Voice

"You will die alone and afraid."

So, you guys think this ain't harsh?

This is super harsh for me... /js
"You wanna dance, Ron? I wanna polka." -Wes Mantooth
Aeon42 wrote:
TBH, on this league, this lesser trickster god is only good thing about this league. Otherwise its unfinished bugfest. Thank god I can play something else.

Why lesser trickster god you might ask?

Well, during acts, on map with Ralakesh, he calls Ralakesh his brother.

Somehow I feel conflicted about this.
I wanna know more, yet I hope i wont have to see likes of his ever again, because now i have that voice and character connected with one of buggiest and worst leagues so far. (Literally League mechanic that isnt made for this game).

I don't think The Voice is a God. Sin already confirmed that apart of himself, only Kitava and Innocence are the Gods that remained in the world.
"You wanna dance, Ron? I wanna polka." -Wes Mantooth
Thank you, GGG, for putting supreme effort into the well versed and thought out voices for each league and extended lore.
Just wanted to add to those who thank you for this:

We had to be careful not to make light of mental illness, as it's a serious matter that many people suffer from. We also wanted to make sure that those suffering from mental illness didn't feel further harmed by some of the voice lines. To that end, not long before launch, we removed a few that we felt might be a little too harsh, even for Path of Exile.

As someone who's dealt with pretty severe mental illness my whole adult life, and having quite a few friends who also struggle with various mental illnesses, this means a lot. There are plenty of easy and lazy ways to be edgy and disturbing, but it takes creativity and imagination coupled with empathy for your players when you make efforts like this.
So since I am not going to finish it all, who is the voice that keeps on annoying me during gameplay.

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