Delirium: Creating the Strange Voice

As I have been playing through and listening to the varying comments when starting delirium, I thought it would be freaky if it broke a bit of the 4th wall and called our characters by our account names, or at least made some reference to our other characters. It feels like it is already breaking the wall a bit when saying we are caught in an endless loop.
"You are captured, stupid beast"
Its a cool character indeed, i hope it gets expanded somehow in the future, good job man! :)
I know you guys are proud of the strange voice but some of the voice lines actually cause my depression to get worse.
Xanqos wrote:
Too bad you can't disable specific voices, such as betrayal. That spammy mess forced me to disable voices so I've missed out on this effort.

I personally dislike Navali as well. She's so loud compared to everything else.
Absolute love this character, one of the most charismatic and interesting ones created ever.
After you did the first patch on Delirium to prevent the extremely sudden damage bursts that killed my first HC Delirium characters, I came back to it, but I stayed for the voice. Sometimes it was really dangerous for me to enter Delirium, and I only entered to listen to the voice intending to quickly leave.

On one occasion he said "You WILL die and you WILL be forgotten" and I got freaking surrounded by Delirium monsters the moment I crossed the portal; I nearly did die, as if he was intending to kill me this time O_O THAT WAS GREAT!

GREAT job with the mysterious voice! It's the most memorable highlight of Delirium for me, followed by the visual aesthetic.
I am not thinned skinned and I actually like the Delirium voice acting and wouldn't care if it was more harsh because I am able to separate fantasy from reality and understand that it's not always about me and what I want. Too insensitive? This game has bloody corpses. I knew what I was getting into when I downloaded it. More darkness theme please and thank you!
I'll be honest, I have thought several times that "Whoever was writing these lines has some real insight into mental illness, because this guy sounds like he's from my own head." That said, I have also felt a lil iffy about such...pinpoint accuracy and its use as a villanous voice, but all in all I think it was done real well!

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