Delirium: Creating the Strange Voice

Awesome work. I love the play on voice lines from other characters. :D
greguuu85 wrote:
This league is ofwul terible. If you add Delirium to the core, I will never play your game again. You'd better make a new version of Metamorph.

Tell me how many Bllizard workers you have recently employed that you do shit like this league

Why you are still here? Just to suffer? Still sane?
pls release the removed voices pls
You did one hell of a job for that delirium voice !
I love it ! Thanks.

I would not mind paying extra bucks to have a new customization "world voice" added :D
I think the idea is awesome and can be pushed even further. Like warping the map and colors as you progress in stages. Maybe make the mobs physically bigger as stages progress so your fighting titans by the end stages.

Thanks and keep up to top quality work :)
webas wrote:

Im sorry but this is pure mockery.

As a person who respects books, all this is just harrasment.
I want background, in depth story, not one-liners that doesnt make sense.

"You are the cause of great misery"
^ What are you talking, just stop attacking and lets talk. Get that ! above your head. But no, this is just a mockery.

Be specific, what am i doing as an exile?
Nope, no answers.. as always, loopholes in already non-existing story.

Very insulting GGG, we need real game, not random map generator with no story.


Still sane, exile? No you aren't.

I see you are a person who likes to be mouth fed every single bit of information instead of being able to put the puzzle together.

First of all, this is an ARPG which creates new content every 3 months that MAY OR MAY NOT stay in the game. They have to create content according to this. They had an extensive talk about this at Exilecon:

Also did you read what they wrote? "You are the cause of great misery" is not a specific line for what you did, it just makes you question yourself. Can't you think back what YOU did? Releasing the gods, causing thousands to die? The quotes doesn't make sense, because that is their point.

And lastly, a lot of your questions is answered ingame from different sources, like environmental lore objects and item flavor texts. WATCH THE VIDEO, it explains everything!
Have you considered to enable those harsh lines behind a toggable harsh option?

PS: good job on the shader "throttling," at least for wine plus integrated GPU.
I like one with "you can die why don't you try" :)
webas wrote:

Im sorry but this is pure mockery...

You do realize who the Strange Voice is....right? This is what he does.

"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Xanqos wrote:
Too bad you can't disable specific voices, such as betrayal. That spammy mess forced me to disable voices so I've missed out on this effort.

Disabling specific sounds is a legit feature request. Some skills would be better muted. Dont know how difficult it is to implement though.

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