Delirium: Creating the Strange Voice

I like the strange voice very much. Great work on that!

But please, fix the voice lines of the NPC's! They are all cut at the end since 3.09. Sure, I can read the text but it's not the same.
What I would love to know if its possible at this time is about the strange voice and its connection to POE :

1)Is we are gonna get to know the strange voice and his origin in the upcoming leagues or will it end on this league ?

2)If what he keeps on revealing to us is a prequel to the story to come in 4.0 (POE 2) , specifically his talk about
"Other gods that keep on watching us , other domains and so on

3)And if POE lore is just a master plan of the "Strange voice" ,since he kept on mentioning that he had allot of involvement in how poe lore got to be for example
How he is the one that tricked Lunaris and Solaris to fight each other

I wanted to say that I absolutely love the Strange Voice. I think it fits PoE perfectly, and was brilliantly executed. I also think it was risky move on your part to try to do something so ambitious, and I'm glad that you did !

As a huge fan of dark universes and stuff, I'm very curious about the voicelines you removed. Are you perhaps planning to release them outside of the game? I would really, really love to hear some of them :)

Thanks again for all your work!
I love it, "Strange Voice" is one of my favorite league NPCs (if I can even call him that).
Really, well done.

Also, I'd really like to see those "deleted" lines of his.
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Xanqos wrote:
Too bad you can't disable specific voices, such as betrayal. That spammy mess forced me to disable voices so I've missed out on this effort.

I am really surprised that they haven't fixed those spammy voices yet. It was one of the first things I noticed about betrayal, and thought "they HAVE to fix that in the next patch"... and we're still waiting ;D
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
This whole patch so far feels like someone was reading the Mistborn series and got some inspiration from that.
I absolutely loved the Strange Voice, or as I came to refer to it in my head, the Stranger. Some other in the mind of the Exile, some unseen and unknown thing invading... or was it always there?

I’m a huge lore nut so here it goes.

I was very very intrigued when he first made his appearance in the Torched Courts, right as Kitava is waking. What does that mean? I doubt it’s a coincidence. After the fall of the Beast the Gods of Wraeclast are waking. Innocence, Sin, Kitava... and the Stranger. He must be a god, reaching out to the Exile with his tendrils. It makes more sense for the backstory of the Scion, as she was never particularly stable, but it can work for any character.

The biggest question I have about it all: why does Sin not sense the passenger in our heads, if it is in fact, another god? I understand from the gameplay perspective course, it would be a nightmare to redo the whole story for that, add new voice lines. But it would be so cool.

The quips the Stranger makes give some very deep insight into the story, far more then an imaginary entity created by the tortured mind nigh have. It knows the other gods. It taunts is for working with Sin, it in fact, hates Sin with something deep, other then just pure dislike. And we get a glimpse of that when it comes to killing Garukhan. It speaks or ruling an ancient kingdom with her. Jealousy then? Did Sin win over his partner?

It also referred to Ralakesh as its brother. Ralakesh, the God of Many Faces, is associated with domination. However, one can make the case that what happened to Greust was madness. Driven insane by the voice of Ralakesh, he made himself the lord of his new domain, turning on his friends, allies and even the person he loved. If the Stranger and Ralakesh are in fact siblings, their powers might be similar or alike in some way. Plus, that would be the third case of divine siblings, after Sin and Innocence, and Solaris and Lunaris.

And in the belly of the dead beast, he finally quips that he will not miss this thing’s suffocating slumber. Which is exactly the effect the Beast has on the gods when Sin created it.

From all that, I think it stands to reason that the dark passenger in our head is yet another god. One we don’t get to fight in the main story, and he taunts is about it after he hears us being called “Godslayer” by Kirac. A god of madness, sibling of Ralakesh, enemy to Sin and jilted lover of Garukhan perhaps?

I don’t really know.
I love the Strange Voice very much, its a very cool idea nicely executed. I can't afford an Oni Goroshi yet, but would be wicked cool if the Oni Goroshi Goddess interacts/banters/flirts with the Strange Voice.

One thing I felt is a little "over" would be the line that says something about you cannot die, why don't you try it out. The line seems to encourage suicide? Not a very healthy line, it makes me a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, voice acting plays a big role in keeping the immersion and makes the game much more enjoyable to play. Keep up the great job GGG!
I really love how the voice refers to well known phrases in the game

Superb audio this league.
All Hail to Michael Hallows... quickly.

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