Delirium: Creating the Strange Voice

The Strange Voice is one of the few good things in this league, good job!
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
its cool!
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TBH, on this league, this lesser trickster god is only good thing about this league. Otherwise its unfinished bugfest. Thank god I can play something else.

Why lesser trickster god you might ask?

Well, during acts, on map with Ralakesh, he calls Ralakesh his brother.

Somehow I feel conflicted about this.
I wanna know more, yet I hope i wont have to see likes of his ever again, because now i have that voice and character connected with one of buggiest and worst leagues so far. (Literally League mechanic that isnt made for this game).
Doing Delirious maps at 2am starts to give me creeps while collecting loot and I start trippin stuff.

Top work!!!
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Xanqos wrote:
Too bad you can't disable specific voices, such as betrayal. That spammy mess forced me to disable voices so I've missed out on this effort.

Yep, never turning dialogue back on because of this. Streamers all play with it on - I honestly do not get it.
No fun allowed.™
Just wondering as i grew up watching 80s films and im a massive GHOSTBUSTERS fan the words the guys says are the same as in the last scene in the film where Ray decides the form of the Destructorer and Goza says the same words is that the inspirtation?
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The familiar phrases turned and twisted were really giving me goosebumps. It is watching everything we do. It knows, even if the portals aren't present in for example Labyrynth, it refers to Izaro's famous phrase. It is always watching.

"You will be remembered" by Kira in Highgate Act 4 turns into "You will be remembered... as a traitor and a tyrant."

"Ooh, a weary traveler draws close to the end of the path!" from Izaro (which as I already mentioned, Delirium portals are absent in the Lab, but it is watching still) turns into "Ooh, a weary traveler draws close to the end of its life!"

Also, some of the phrases are down right fourth wall breaking. "It is all a dream. Nothing you do matters. The Dreamer will dream another dream and you will be forgotten" I think refers to us players as the Dreamer. We will dream another dream, we will make another character, we will move on and forget about our current dream, our current character.

Overall, a great job on this entity. I love it.
Could you please film the actors saying their lines? Would make it a far more interesting post.
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feeluck wrote:
i don't get this tho. if someone really wants to get insulted and offended by something, they will do so anyway, so don't cut your splendid content short in fright of offending someone.
its a game and if you want to create an illusion, a delirium, by all means just do so! its not your job taking care of ppl with mental illnes, cause 1% or so of your playerbase could be hit by it.
i don't like spiders - you still dare to put spiders in your game. boo!

any chance we can hear the cut lines somewhere? i'm curious what you consider being 'too harsh, even for path of exile'
The number of people experiencing mental illness is substantially higher than 1%, and given that POE players are not a random sample of the population but skewed heavily toward obsessive gamer types, I'd bet it's higher than the population average here.

And it is their job to take care of people. It's everyone's job. People's health is more important than company profits.

I won't bother quoting every single comment talking about how the lines should be in and that we are just Snowflakes that want to get offended
but that's not the truth at all, it's not about "offence" even, it's about triggers and dangerous mental behaviours

if you think this is just bullshit, congratulations, you're either lucky or lack empathy.
I get that the game is dark. You guys are being assholes with these lines, though. Taking advantage of troubled people and lining your pockets helps you sleep at night? Congratuatlions GGG. Making people think this average VO is true art? Priceless...

It's too bad the best and most complex action game is made by Sith lords.

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