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Gradieus wrote:
Is there a time frame for when you might start crafting that deadeye assassin's mark ring further?

Well... Guess there won't be any time frame now..
How much the last price for Pain Shackel
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So Harvest is coming to an end and it was beyond broken crafting wise as expected. And, as expected, it's not going core.

I'm updating the Shop with new rules of thumbs, prices and, of course, the dozens of perfect items I've been able to craft.
Prices have been flattened for all items for simplicity and lowered to an almost symbolic measure, at least for the first 3 copies for each item.

While a few have already been added, most of them will require some week to get the proper enchantment, white sockets, quality and whatnot.
Items in this process can be found under the last spoiler so you can see what's coming next.
Have fun :)
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Enchanted a couple of Tailwind/Elusive boots that are now ready in the Boots Spoiler.

And finally ready the definitive Ice Shot/Barrage Bow.
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