3.10.1 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

KTP29 wrote:
Snipe effects bug not fixed =[

Howa + totem bug no 3D and look like Unarmed and very few dmg :D
GGG long no fix already 2 weeks zZzZz
Thank You GGG
"I didn't know we were making a pants simulator." - Chris Wilson
Ironsmurf wrote:
I've started avoiding Reddit because it has become an awful, toxic, whiny place.

That's a rather one-sided take on Reddit. There's a LOT of positive and useful stuff on there as well. I've seen plenty of posts praising or thanking GGG there too, as well as innumerable fan art. All with loads of upvotes, so the community there definitely supports that stuff.

And then there's the useful stuff, which in my experience is far in excess of what you see on these forums. The proof is in all the post I make to bring some of those things to the notice of people who only frequent these forums. For instance, since just the beginning of this league I've found -








All from Reddit (and only one of those was fan art - the only one I chose to bring here - I've seen many many more on there). That hardly sounds like "an awful, toxic, whiny place."
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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I can’t play for 5-6 days when they broke the server Ping just rolls over .... God is the worst league in the world .... and the developers do not care for Moscow and optimization .. hands from the ass
HOW to make delirium SOUND alert LOWER??? (in options all sounds clusters (exept item filter and chat volume) on minimum level)
Mike_84 wrote:
I do not know what was changed performance wise, but I had zero performance issues before, and now my fps is dropping constantly all the time when I engage with any event or a monster group..

++++ my 2 FPS 0-2 in syndicat
[Removed by Support]
being able to activate all master missions from device is wonderful.
The only thing I complain about this League is performance. But you guys already 90% fix it in the previous patch.

But yes, this patch is quality. Thank you so much.
I dont know what changes were made to the files as far as directory but i seem to be having issues with the textures loading ranging from armor skins not loading to campaign mobs being invisible and hideout textures taking about 10 minutes to finally load this was not an issue i had before the patch anyone else having this issue?
as a SINGLE voice only of the ever large PoE community. This patch has been baaaaad news FOR ME. Over 1000 ms lag consistently and freezes with >500 ms lag with disconnections galore. Its become almost unplayable and the league mechanic impossible.

Love where we are going, but don't enjoy where we are now.

Please help if possible.

This note is for me and my play alone. I'm a single voice in this very behemoth "community".

<3 to all trolls and kool-aid drinkers,
Just me.

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