3.10.1 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Xappy wrote:
Auction House Please !

Not enough trade bots , already? You want more of them?
Good patch, but i have no textures after update. Every map, town, mine, everything in the game has no textures. After 3 or 5 minutes if i don't move, i see textures, but after moving they invisible again. i7 6770, gtx 1070.
Can anyone help me? And sorry for my english. Thanks.
holding shift on maps to display if they're complete is gone?
Mr_Aek wrote:
holding shift on maps to display if they're complete is gone?

Zombie patch seems to have worked. I can't tell really. Because my game has crashed before I start a delve, while i'm standing in Oriath and now at the login screen. 5 times in the past 9 mins. Just can't.
Very bad ping after patch. Playing US West, CA, ping spikes regularly to 500ms making this game almost unplayable (definitely not enjoyable). Tested my ping a moment ago with speedtest.net and got consistent 13ms time. Graphics are working fine for me.
Cant login into game after patch 3.10.1 without crashing out
I got this like five times (the instruction at 0x00007ff923930b2d referenced memory at 0x0000000000000008 the memory could not be written)
Thank you for the update!

I don't know whether the harbor bridge nerf was really necessary; I farmed it a bit, and it was a nice feeling once manage to actually push the delirium up to level 10. Still the drops weren't that awesome. I didn't get a single splinter, I think.

Thanks for the aura fix. That was really problematic for my build ;)

Also great QoL improvement. Especially the Splinter vacuum and Master missions on map device. :) You guys rock!

Regarding performance and the pings, I had some issues before the patch, too. But some issues, in particular texture, seem to have come in with this patch. But I'm sure you'll be able to squish these bugs!

Keep up the good work and stay healthy! Thanks for getting us through the quarantine!
I hope that when Delirium finishes you`ll go back to patch 3.9, it used to run smooth. Now since patch 3.10 game experience in general in just bad, not only deliriums but everything BAD BAD BAD. Game freezes, 0 fps, crashes.....

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