3.10.1 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

nashumare wrote:
I hope that when Delirium finishes you`ll go back to patch 3.9, it used to run smooth. Now since patch 3.10 game experience in general in just bad, not only deliriums but everything BAD BAD BAD. Game freezes, 0 fps, crashes.....

I have no problems playing on weak equipment.
I love the league so far.
The only thing that still bothers me at the moment is the fact that it is very difficult to get over 4/2 rewards in maps. Rarely you get 5/3/1 but that's it.

That should be the next thing on top of your priority lists, GGG!

Otherwise great work!
Stay healthy and keep up the good work in your home office.
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at first they broke something in the game .... then they broke the server especially Moscow ping jumps wildly ... and now they broke the load of cards of things and mobs ... [Removed by Support]
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My only problem is high latency. Whenever I connect, I have 100+ latency.
Would be nice to play normal like that was before.
So after this update I'm having all kinds of texture issues. Monsters, legion encounters, blight encounters, delirium encounters and all sorts of other big and small textures are either not loading at all or taking several minutes to render. Before the patch I was not having any issues with textures, So how do we fix this now, It's really hard to play a game when you can't see shit.

Update-Can't see traps in trials now either and when I try to leave the map via a portal it says failed to join instance, instance no longer exists. This also happens sometimes when I get killed and try to respawn at last checkpoint. Even loading into my hideout, towns and maps the loading screen is just black and then my hideout loads and I can see everything except my decorations and map device for several minutes.
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So, the patch is deployed and I'm still waiting for the performance issues to be fixed.
It's ok GGG, no more funding for your company until you fix it. No more support for you. This league I can't play. So far it's been almost unplayable. A shame really. Maybe put your shit together and priorities in order? So everyone can play the game. That would be nice.
This morning after the patch the game felt really good. No performance issues and everything moved very smooth.

Now 8 hours later the game is literally unplayable. The performance is fine, but latency jump from 50ms to 1000-2000ms everytime I try to move. Also any skill cast is out of the question.

Hope this server issue is fixed, I'd rather rolling back the patch.
For me after this patch slow texture loading, everything is black....Before was everything fine.
i have big latency problems since this patch and textures loading too everythings are slow to load in map i fight against invisible enemies !!!! Before it was smooth what guys have you done ????
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I see salty little kids on these forums always talking about how bad this league is. If they don't like it, go back to pacman. We don't need to hear you whine and cry because you don't get your way.

Maybe you don't have performance issues because you are a fat kiddo with a lot of money or luck, but for the rest of the mortals this game used to be playable. Now you can shut the fuck up. :)

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