3.10.1 Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Can you say "Salty" boys and girls?
I have noticed today after the patch that when I go into Delirium mode on a map; and I'm just starting on maps; that for the most part I can't fight and live more than about 5 seconds; I don't know if it's the number of mobs or how much damage they put out but I skip over the encounter until I've done everything else on the map. And except for certain bosses that just give me trouble I don't have a problem with being able to take out the map/bosses/syndicate/breach/abyss etc. To me it really seems like the delirium encounter on maps is way harder than it should be; especially starting out on the early maps.
Phased map bosses during delirium needs to be looked at, most bosses are just impossible to kill because they have an invincibility phase that's longer than the mist lasts.

Some don't even show up until the mist is nearly gone.

Similarly the backtracking still needs to be addressed, you get significantly worse delirium rewards if you're not running around like an idiot and looting later.
Thx GGG for your continued hard work.
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thanks for the patch.

i noticed the sound being different, like "more in the distance". old sound was better

shaders have been recreated but after some minutes it's been fluently.

game runs as before with 60fps ++ on my 4 year old i7/gtx1070 computer, no lag except some network stuttering (140ms+) when playing on amsterdam

switched to frankfurt and everything was ok with 40ms latency
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Can Chinese mainland players use sinicized tools
Am I the only one who gets random but constant CTD after the hotfix?
btawoa wrote:
RIP League.
Buff map drops DO NOT nerf Harbour bridge... Do you honestly think people that are level 90+ are going to be farming Harbour Bridge... All you are doing is hurting the little guys..... Another move not wanted by the community. It seems every league GGG move further and further away from what the community wants. A league that FUCKS FPS and has some random BS dmg from some rando guy that fades in and out of the map.... and now this..... GG GGG

Then leave if it's so bad.
No rest for the wicked.
Патчи эта всё хорошо. А зачем? У вас сервера уже неделю мертвые, как не зайду пинг 700-1000, и это на Москве, вопрос - Всё в порядке? Проблем не наблюдаем? Худшая лига, худшая работа серверов, худшая оптимизация за все время моего прибывание в игре, играю относительно не долго, но такое дерьмо хаваю впервые. Молодцы! Пробиваем днище дальше...
Heavy backtracking.....
Still no Auction House.....
Still laggy as fuck.....

Still a terrible Dev team focus solely on MTX


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