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Fox tail a little too long? Otherwise pretty cool pet.
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11/10 on Kyubi !
Nice Job with the pet, especially its moves/actions :)
They could make that pets would auto loot specific item u select XD
Gotta get 'em all! OR Donate to a local food bank instead.
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The new Spectre MTX are cool, but the real question is: Why are there still no Celestial Carrion Golem & Animate Guardian MTX available to actually complete my Necromancer stylewise?
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Still holding out for a Gem Stash ...
Would love to know why Stygian Raise Spectre was changed to Ebony Raised Spectre in game for this. Ya'll could have made an entirely new one or updated the current one and NOT swapped names around.
GGG Spying on me confirmed!! Decided to rewatch Naruto from the beginning since I'm stuck at home for a while I get to the episode where Naruto's Aura basically is nine tails fighting Sasuke and the next day the release Nine Tails Pet,... lol Coincidence? I hope not I wish they would make a nine tails mtx for Summon Carrion Golem :P
The pet looks cool, I'll give you that BUT I'm 100% sure that whoever designed it has never seen a fox in his life. ^^
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