New Microtransactions

Nice circus style fox pet. Non serious basketball pet.. totally fits poe ;)
Path of exile, path of afk... Where is flashback leagues??? We miss them.
Omg that pet
Stormbind looks great but this MTX makes it look like some puddles of offal, awful (lol) MTX, why make a skill of mystical explosive runes look so mundane? It could've been much better, maybe beams of golden runes raining down when exploded, not a load of puke. Maybe GGG are telling us something about said skill...
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
I would have gone with "Cat Of Nine Tails" myself. Is cool looking though!
we naruto now, bois.
I want the fox in purple with pink glow.

10/10 though, sweet suff.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.
Yay, now we can be Narutos of the Dark!
Nice, but couldn't you just make summons like that? Enemies like that to raise as summons? Other type of summonings like ONE great summon with agro instead of several bothering the screen?

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