Astarift's Build guides Compilation

Hi, i am pretty new to streaming, but i have been making my own builds and guides for a few leagues now.

Do drop by my stream at
I do many builds every league, trying to stay off meta and use some less relevant skills/meta.

A little background about me and my experience with poe:
I started playing PoE on 2013 right on beta release to the public. Played for close to a year before quitting.

Came back on 2017 during harbinger league to play standard and quitted after about 3 months

Finally, i came back on incursion in 2018 and played on until now. I made it a point to always aim for 36/40 challenges and try to make my own builds. Over time i managed to learn more about PoE mechanics and started making builds decent enough to take on end game.

To me, the true fun of PoE is the fact that there is almost an unlimited combinations of builds to be done. I try not to chase the meta and build upon off meta builds/items

Here are some of my build guides on the forums
These are tested and proven to take on the game's end game content up to the game's current end game boss(not stuff like 1k delve depth and unlimited scaling game mechanics)

Champion bladestorm 2 hander impale

Burning arrow elementalist 9 golems

Triple rain of arrow pathfinder poison build

Pillar of caged god Scion pure phys earthquake 11k+ EHP

Assassin void battery <any spell> spell caster: featuring 12-15mil dps purifying flame

Poet's pen CoC bladefall/blade blast Assassin

Penance brand herald stacking elementalist

Wintertide brand occultist - melts bosses

Builds i do from league to league but wont be making a guide specially for it.
Anything i share here i have managed to clear all content up to a8 sirus
Delirium build:

Toxic rain + super decay support duration stacking
7.4k e-hp
3.61 seconds toxic rain with aprox 5mil dps(assuming 3 out of 5 pods are always in range of target)
470k dps decay
4.83 seconds immortal call 3 endurance charges
perma enduring cry, 1983 life regen/second, patient reaper life gain on hit
261% increased skill effect duration

Tri element wild strike inquisitor

All content cleared, cant do reflect maps and no regen maps are bad

11 to all charges Winter orb slayer

All content cleared, delved to around 520ish depth

Hollow palm smite slayer(100% not budget)
Unarmed never crits + super charged = hits always lucky
Ryslatha coil doesnt give more dex, but it does give us more dps in this situation


Harvest league

League start Penance brand herald stacking elementalist

Plume of Pursuit(new harvest helm) ball lightning inquisitor

Youtube video:

My Builds/Stream
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Reserved, also added in my duration stacking toxic rain build pob/gear
My Builds/Stream

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