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3.11 {Free} Sirus Carry + Crafting Service + Other Content {Online}

My characters this league is EndGameGrindMcMuffin and Windrower
If I'm unavailable I linked some guild mates who can also help you.

Tier 1 Harvest Seeds are my favorite Tips :)

Going for 40/40 so I would like to kill your Harvest bosses for free.

Sirus - Tips Accepted - Expand This

How the Carry Works
1.Talk to Zana and open the portals.
2. You go through the portals alone.
3. Walk forward to the point where Sirus Starts talking.
~You don't have to let him finish, he just needs to start~
4. At this point walk back the way you came to the portal to your hideout.
5. When you arrive at your hideout I will go in and kill Sirus.
6. I will port out of the fight leaving the loot on the floor for you.

If I'm Busy
I recently started running the delirium mirror map strategy for profit, so if I'm unavilable I will have 1 of my guild mates do the carry for you.
Character this league Plant_Parenthood

Character this league Wanderfulfarmer

Message to send me in game if you want a Sirus Carry
@endgamegrindmcmuffin Hi are you available to come kill my Sirus? {Awakened Level ?}

Also let me know what realm your on, I prefer California.

If I'm not online message me on Discord
If I'm offline, I might be free on Discord EndGameGrindsMcmuffin#2306

Paid Content
The Lords Labyrinth
I only do carrys on a North America Server (Cali, Texas, D.C.)
Uber Lab
Your Offering Your Twice Enchanted. If you die to traps alone the way you have to bring just another offering.

New I-83 Lab's
Your Offering Your Twice Enchanted except for Gift to the Goddess. If you die along the way its another Your Offering, and twice enchanted. If i die, I will provide the market value of the offerings in Chaos.

Message to send me in game
@endgamegrindmcmuffin are you free to carry my {?} Lab? I'm on the realm {?}

Synthesis Maps
Cortex = 50c
All Others = 30c
Message to send me in game
@endgamegrindmcmuffin are you free to carry my Synthesis map? I'm on Realm {?}

Uber Elder = 80c (50c if you ID a dropped Watcher's Eye)
Shaper = 45c
Elder = 30c
Message to send me in game
@endgamegrindmcmuffin are you free to carry my {Elder/Shaper/Uber Elder}? I'm on Realm {?}

League Challenges
Complete Encounters V
Defeat Terror of the infinite drifts = 50c
Defeat Shaper without being hit = Your Set + 2 ex

Defeat Harvest Bosses
Free, until I complete the EGG challenge.

Hall of Grandmasters
20c + My Loot

Harvest the Heart of the Grove Conditionally
Your Harvest boss 50c per challenge.

Message to send me in game
@endgamegrindmcmuffin are you free to carry my League Challenge {?} I'm on Realm {?}

Alternate Payments
I-76 seeds can be used in place of chaos at 2 seeds per 1 chaos.

Other End Game Content
Legion 5 ways
I can carry these, I charge 50c a run, but if I'm pushing my next level its free so feel free to ask.

100% Delirium
100c or 1 inventory of loot if you ask me before you start the map. If I'm cleaning up one you failed its only 1 inventory of loot.

Crafting Service
I have every bench craft, but I charge a 20c crafting fee or 40 I-76 seeds.
Message to send me in-game
@endgamegrindmcmuffin Are you free to craft {x craft} on my {Link Item}?

Need Sirus Carried? Thread/2816371
or in game @endgamegrindmcmuffin
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Thanks a lot - again :)
Died the first run through but he took me through again thanks a lot!
Carries my siruses since last league, fast answer and fast carry :)
nc and quick as always
Carried me thru normal to merc lab and helped me out with my archmage build. 100% recommend and also check his guide if you want to bust every boss in the game!!!
Awesome, Easy smooth as silk. Thanks dude

Ez has helped me since last season. They are still helpful and honest as ever. Ty =D
Great service ;)
great killer, fast and easy

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