[3.12] Ball Lightning Miner | Facetank Sirus | Destroy All content | In depth beginner guide

Just did A8 Deathless, level 89 (lol). Couldn't do deathless on my ED/C Trickster and I tried 8 times. Only took 1 try with the Scion. Wasn't even smooth, still need to learn the rotation of skills a bit better and I have quite a bit of DPS to gain. This build chunks bosses when you line the skills up right.

Got Liquid Inspiration and Distilled Perfection x 2 Medium clusters. 1 Large with Scintillating Idea, Snowstorm, Widespread Destruction. 1 Medium with Liquid Inspiration and Spiked Concoction (this still wasn't active for the A8 kill). Watcher's eye with damage from mana by clarity.

Found an Unnatural Instinct in the heist right before I did Sirus.

https://youtu.be/bvW5bdaQHdw (vid of my scuffed kill, still lots of upgrades to be had)

Good stuff, most enjoyable miner build I've played.
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How good is the Quartz flask?
Dying Sun is so good for map clear speed due to BL area getting nerfed, and 4 balls coverage makes it screen clearing. I have a really hard time clearing a monolith legion without it.

Divergent Dash lets us get 2 seconds of phasing after dash which should prevent bodyblocking issues.

And since we pretty much have 100% flask uptime, we can even forgo 50% fire res. Too risky?
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Hello, would it be possible to take hybrid flask and Hardened Scars annoit like on your TR Pathfinder?:) I tried it on my Scion and it seems that I cannot sustain the hybrid flask properly.
How is it in our league to craft a good gun?
Very nice guide! Question: what is actually better about Akane's build when compared to this one? More dps, better survivability?
Hello! I am really enjoying the build so far. I have a question - I've managed to get this weapon:

Would you recommend removing suffixes (crit multi goes away) and then crafting crit chance + trigger, or maybe it's better to just try and exalt it?

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