Allowing migration to standard?! A question to GGG.

bescheid wrote:
Exept not at all becouse the you are forced to play hc even if u dont want to. So yeah for most people not an option at all.

dW2005 wrote:
OP can play his leagues in SSFHC, then just murder another lvl2 char stuffed with anything he wants in SSF standard, problem solved.

So then it should be allowed for SSF as well as trade league. I don't see the harm in allowing league content seeping into standard this way?
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Yeah I dont see the harm either. I feel its rly wierd that its not a thing even.
drklrd wrote:
Balownga wrote:
PyleWarlord wrote:
people would abuse the shit out of this and get league items on STD market (just like they do dying them from HC right now).

False problem, Normie just have to go leaguie and that's it.

since it is already possible with HC, they could allow it fully.

No. What they should do, is ensure that HC league chars don't go to standard until the temp league ends.

The league is 3 months long, at the end of the league that char will end up in standard, if you die between day 1 and day 90, then your char will be sent to a temp league(let's call it Stasis League) where char migration is not possible, and chars cannot be used (similar to Void league), and at the end of the Temp HC league, all chars and items in the Stasis league go back to Standard.

+1000 it should have been this way from the start lol.
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