It's time to buff ranger side of tree survivability

frostzor27 wrote:
Don't need, have you :)

Yeah, it's not like everyone in this thread agrees with me and builds clearly showcases this in effect.

Also, thanks for the free bumps.
i love playing caustic arrow pathfinder even though its weaker than the shadow version in terms of dmg and survivability

the new notable that offers 1 lifeflask charge every 3 sec + bleeding remove on lifeflask is such a nice QoL feature

the only thing that made me swap to shadow are the stupid dilirium debuffs
normaly i would just "avoid" the dmg and dager buy running through monsters with perma phasing flask (i know there is withering step but i want to keep the cd on this one for bosses and rares to stack dmg)

pathfinder was just so much fun with all his QoL stuff,this league however the league debuffs negate the QoL stuff in the moments where i value them the most
Oh lol aren't you the guy who had like 134% inc. life on his tree and deleted his character cuz "it was too squishy" - well boy what a treat! Take all the DPS nodes and wonder why your character magically has no life on it.

That's.. yikes. :|

You can reach 180 - 200% inc. life on Rangers easily
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A couple more hp nodes wouldn't hurt the game balance tbh. I can agree with that. Then again the only weakness of evasion/dodge stacking builds is the one-shots so gotta be careful not to overdo it so they become close to immortal :)
arknath wrote:
A couple more hp nodes wouldn't hurt the game balance tbh. I can agree with that. Then again the only weakness of evasion/dodge stacking builds is the one-shots so gotta be careful not to overdo it so they become close to immortal :)

i dont think we need more life nodes in the passiv tree,they just have to redistribute some life clusters.
with this i mainly mean the scion life cluster which is simply too good and the ranger/shadow have the worst access to it
They literally handed out cluster jewels this season so that you can make your own skill tree. You can get 20% life from one small one and a good bunch of flat life from all kinds of cluster jewels as well.

And no, not even a majority is agreeing with you, hence the discussion. Your Deadeye failed because you built him poorly and this thread is just a cover-up
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I don't see how you could buff Evasion style defenses anymore without it breaking things. You can already Evade and Dodge quite a bit. If you starting being able to mitigate the hits as well then you defeat the purpose of non evasion builds. I wouldn't mind seeing additional life added to the tree, but not just in the dex side.

What people are saying is more of a problem with Deadeye being just a very bland class. As well as Assasin,Trickster, and Champion allowing you to have solid defenses.

Ranged is hardly a weak archetype but the main class for it perhaps don't feel up to par. While Melee classes are actually good but the archetype isn't all it can be.
Personally I feel like evasion/dodge is the problem, not so much the life. There are plenty of very good life nodes on the right tree side, in fact, when it comes to quality they are better than what the left side has.

The problem I see is that, even with 90% avoidance, you will still get one shot 10% of the time. Avoidance alone is just shit with all the spike damage in the game. You need mitigation and/or buffer first and foremost, you can then complement that with avoidance to round out the edges but that's it. As a stand alone defense mechanic it doesn't work at all. The fact that Sirus and most (all?) of the other conquerors use only spells and therefore entirely ignore evasion doesn't make it any better.

And the issue with Deadeye, and imo with Ranger/Shadow in general is that they aren't any good at getting decent levels of mitigation or buffer. I guess trickster can go life/es hybrid or LL ES and there is the option of stacking Evasion along with Iron Reflexes and VMS to essentially play an armor build but that's pretty much it. Any Shadow/Ranger build that can't do either of those will end up being a glass cannon. Worth mentioning that going Acro is highly counterproductive in both cases.

On the other hand, ES and Armor focused builds have a fairly easy time stacking HP (ES) and/or mitigation (Armor) while at the same time having easy access to avoidance. There are a million easy ways to incorporate blind on hit on pretty much any build for free 50% evasion and Vaal grace provides 3x% dodge at the cost of one gem slot with no conditions or requirements attached to it.
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Check high delve rangers to understand it's just about evade/dodge and doing enormous damage yourself. Rangers' EHP is always squishy, or worse.
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Shadow is not a problem - between MoM (and absolutely bull.. Arcane Cloak), Acro/PhaseAcro, hybrid life/ES (people are sleeping on it.. like hollllly shit they are sleeping on it. legion jewels made life/ES easy to make and far more cost effective than before) and items like 'overleech but better' belt there are more than enough tools

rangers maybe but still - it is a ranged playstyle with fuckton of damage on nearby passives including the best passive in the game (acro). it is a balancing act. marauders might have +12% inc life more than rangers (it is the difference) and gain life from STR (around 100 flat life) but their damage nodes suck and they have to travel a lot to get damage (be real here - dual crit sword nodes, noone gives a f.. about other melee weapons)

if someone asks ranger part of the tree to get more life - sure, but give some of your damage back (including easy access to accuracy via DEX)

or play HOWA raider and once again showcase that primary forms of anything in this game are crap (life < ES, Armour < pdr etc etc)

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